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Updating fiel in Category on which user has no rights from a serverscript, is this possible ?

Database.DisableSecurity = true doesn't have an effect.

Error stays "Category "DOCU$INVOICING" does not exist or is not active

I use :

Database.UpdateCategory(EditDocuHandle, "DOCU$INVOICING", "F_INVOICE_STATUS", statusValue);
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AFAIK, there is no way around this security check using API methods

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Correct, the data protection is done at a very low level in the COM+ Server.
From the user's perspective it really is as if the Category table does not exist.
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I guess you can use the soap API by calling it with a user that has the rights to do so.

but imho it would be easier to directly gives rights on this category to the users.

What we sometimes do is :
1- allow the rights on the category
2- override editView.js to make a script that will disable all the category fields to the user
3- explain to the customer that this is a way to help people to not commiting wrong data but it is not a database lock. most of the time this is enough for the customer.

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Well, that request over SOAP solution makes me shiver :-)
I would go for option 1 or 3
actually point 1- to 3- are steps of one solution (not separated solutions) I asumed that the customer wanted to lock the category fields for some users.

well I can guess why the Soap Call is so horrifying but still... it should work with absolutly nothing more than a simple enveloppe to send.
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