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I do have a lots of script from Efficy 10 sp2+ using the 'EXTCODE' fields of the CONTACTS table. During the migration, I noticed this field has gone.

Is there any reason why ?

I did check in several project with Efficy 11, in every 'contacts' table the field has vanished.

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Due to the changes / improvements to the security in Efficy 11 this has been moved to ACC_AUTH.

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My bad : I just check the build note of Efficy 11, there is a mention of the excode field moved in acc_auth.

I keep the post on the overflow for general knowledge :

  1. Migration of fields to ACC_AUTH • [...] •
    CONTACTS table :

and :

Efficy.getExtranetUserName(contID) (to retrieve what was previously “ExtCode”)

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