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Since Efficy10 scrollTime has been removed. Since we would like to see all 24 hours in a day, I would like to be able to start with 7:00 am for scrolling.

I already changed the minTime, maxTime, slotDuration (bij 15 minutes instead of 30) and slotLabelInterval. But whatever I try, it seems not possible to change the scrollTime which used to be there in Efficy2014.

See https://fullcalendar.io/docs/scrollTime for more info.

_initConfigAgendaOptions: function () {
        var minTime = Url.getArgument('minTime') || Model('minTime'),
            maxTime = Url.getArgument('maxTime') || Model('maxTime');
            slotLabelFormat: Model('slotLabelFormat'),
            minTime:         minTime ? minTime.split(' ')[1] || '00:00:00' : '00:00:00',
            maxTime:         maxTime ? maxTime.split(' ')[1] || '24:00:00' : '24:00:00',
            slotDuration:    '00:15:00',    //standaard 30 minuten
            slotLabelInterval: '01:00',
            scrollTime:      '07:00:00'

I also tried _initConfigGeneralDisplay, _initConfigViews and _initConfigTextTimeCustom for adding scrollTime, but no result yet.

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I'm not sure why, but it seems to work now. I'm sure I refreshed everything in the console as well as my browser while testing, but it did not gave the result I was looking for immediately. But for now it works!

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