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When we try to download a document's file attachment from outside our domain or/and without efficy side bar, Efficy couldn't download because of a wrong URL: in this case he uses the local efficy server computer name instead of the our IIS defined URL.
It seems <%GetAppBase()%> returns the wrong URL.
Defining the AppBase in SYS_STORAGE table give 'reconnect through sidebar' message.

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Could you give more information about the version of Efficy, the way the documents are downloaded (through extranet?) the configured values etc.

It must be a configuration issue.
We use Efficy 10.2.
The attachments are downloaded the default way, as a normal Efficy user, no extranet.
From inside our domain we get e.g. <div class="file-info existing pointer" id="file-241716_0" data-file-url="http://crm.ardis.eu/efficy.dll/download?KEY=241716_0&amp;EDITHANDLE=6&amp;FEEDBACK=T"
But when we do the same from outside our domain we get
<div class="file-info existing pointer" id="file-241716_0" data-file-url="http://ard-app04/efficy.dll/download?KEY=241716_0&amp;EDITHANDLE=6&amp;FEEDBACK=T"
where ard-app04 is the internal Efficy application server computer name as defined in admin console settings
If you go in regedit to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\DSoft\ in what registry key do you see the path? Because this is the location of the admin console settings.

If you change it there, do you see a difference? (after refresh settings and logout/login)

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Is this still an issue ?
You have a way to force the appbase used to construct urls with <%GetFileUrl()%> by adding an AppBase value in your sys_storage.

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Yes, I tried it (also internally), but then I get the 'Your Efficy session timed out, please reconnect' error, although the url displayed in the address bar is correct:
Are you sure you don't get a slight difference in the URL (even going from http to https could cause that kind of issues ? btw there is a flag in registry to indicate https ('HTTPS' dword value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DSoft\Efficy\Web) , so even after passing a reverse proxy, the <%GetFileUrl()%> or <%GetAppBase()%> should reflect the https flag).
I don't understand why you use GetAppBase, because your are talking about file download. In standard the filehelper module is designed to process urls from the data-file-url attribute of a file, which uses GetFileUrl.
Which version are you in ?
We manage the get the right reverse proxy by adjusting inbound and outbound rules of the URL rewrite IIS module to redirect requests from outside to the right internal local IIS server and reversed.
Now the downloading works fine.
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