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When we start Send by E-mail or Instant E-mail for a document
send by e-mail

then we get the file extension double in the name of the attachment:
double file extension

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I cannot reproduce this in Efficy 11.

Can you check the value of COMMENT and PATH in the files table for this attachment? Contains one of them the double extension?

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We use Efficy 10.2.
Both path and comment contains only the single extension.
When downloading the file to a local folder, then the file contains only the single extension too.
Only when sending by e-mail then the attachment contains a double extension in outlook.
But when 'Hide extensions for known file types' is activate in windows explorer options, then we get only the single extension in the e-mail attachment !!
it seems the COMMENT field should contain the file name WITHOUT extension.
Then it works fine.
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