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I need to define by a level of proximity my relations between CONT and USER or COMP and USER by using The USERROLE Field.

I try to do it into an OpenEditContextRelation2 but this context doesn't exist it return an error EntityView=''

Below a part of my dataSynchro where i try to edit relation between ntComp and ntUser.

      var Target = 11 // Cont
      var Detail = 1; // Cont_user
      var Key = K_CONTACT
      var DetailKey = 0

    DetailKey = 4  // User--> K_USER 4   

    var EditHandle = Database.OpenEditContextRelation2(Target, Detail, Key, DetailKey)

     try {
     var DataSet = Database.GetMasterDataSet(EditHandle, 0)



    Database.UpdateFields(EditHandle, 0, 'USERROLE', GetLookupKeyFromQuery(SQL,     DataStore.AsString('Proximité MAN'), 'K_CONT_USERROLE') );

    Database.CommitChanges(EditHandle, false)


I need of course to be able to change relation on the Edit context of each Entity. Comp and Cont.

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Hello Laurent.

In edit, you have to use the insertDetail/updateDetail operations instead of the context relations.

Here is a code snippet written with Efficy 11 that:
1. Inserts the current user into the contact (key=4)
2. Searches a userrole in the lookup by text, e.g "PM"
3. Updates the relation field CONT_USER.USERROLE with the lookup key value

I hope this example will help you.

function demo() {
    var k_Contact = 4
        k_User = Efficy.currentUserId();

    var editCont = Efficy.openEditContext(ntCont, k_Contact);
    setContactUserRole(editCont, k_User, "PM");

function setContactUserRole(editCont, k_User, r_userRole) {
    var userRole = Efficy.getLookupKeyFromValue2("LK_CONT_USERROLE", "USERROLE", r_userRole, true);
    Efficy.setUsers(editCont, k_User, false, false);
    Efficy.updateDetail2(editCont, ntUser, k_User, "USERROLE", userRole);
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