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The corrective build r12921 (May 22, 2018) for Efficy 11 is now available on the Partner FTP.

A bit faster than expected we release a new build to provide backward compatibility with the existing notifications in the database which we broke in the build r12835. The problem was by all means temporary (new notifications always appear correctly), but we deemed it useful to provide this correction.

The build also improves the following issues that were present in the previous builds:

  • Easy Import Wizard: Pass correct date and floating point to search query (CFT-2018-86868).
  • Sidebar: Solve issue with pending protocol actions (CFT-2018-87555).
  • Mass update: An unlimited number of records can now be updated (CFT-2018-86946, CFT-2015-62936).
  • Guest pages: Add Stack Trace to Guest_Error.log file (CFT-2018-87225).
  • Convert to Opportunity now copies the SUBJECT or NAME of the original Action/Mail/Document to the opportunity (CFT-2017-82786).
  • Notifications: provide backward compatibility for legacy MIME64 encoding of notification data (issue introduced in build r12835).

Please make sure to install and use this latest build – it definitively replaces the previous build (r12835).

We apologize for the inconvenience,

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