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The corrective build r12835 (May 16, 2018) for Efficy 11 is now available on the Partner FTP.

The build improves or corrects a number of issues that were present in the release build r12548, including the following:

  • ServerJS: The Just-In-Time Debugger is now also triggered by the 64-bit scripting engine.
  • ServerJS: EfficyAPI.sendNotification function gets an additional CustomParams parameter to add custom JSON data in the notification item.
  • ServerJS: new EfficyAPI.extractFile method.
  • Remove double for record locking in edit windows.
  • Document: Avoid creating info.ini when inserting a file.
  • DPO Tools: An alternative report for "Unused Contacts" (with simplified query) is added and used by default.
  • Favorites names now follow the name of the entity (CFT-2016-66580).
  • DBStaging: Fix wrong key field issue for table ACC_ACCOUNTS.
  • User entity picker direct search for a user is now accent-insensitive.
  • Work around for MacOS Safari crash when closing window right after the submit of a form (CFT-2018-87269).
  • Flexmail connector improvements.
  • Fix relation name top position when the commands panel has a fixed position in medium-up window sizes (CFT-2018-87259)
  • Fix css path in logoff page of admin filebase (CFT-2018-87184)
  • Fix Sidebar installation issues on 32-bit Windows (CFT-2018-87356)
  • PdfOfficeConverterAdmin: Add conversion for .xlsm files + write Office creation errors to log file (published previously as r12656).
  • UpgradeDb: Allow upgrades from old Efficy databases (2012) without needing an intermediate upgrade to an Efficy 10 structure (published previously as r12605).

Please make sure to install and use this latest build – it definitively replaces the previous builds (r12548).

An up-to-date Reference Manual for the Efficy Function Tags and Web Requests is now available at the EDN help site: https://help.efficy.com/edn/tags and https://help.efficy.com/edn/requests.

We hope you'll enjoy the new build!


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extractFile is not (yet) documented in https://help.efficy.com/edn/serverjs
Hi Kristof, the documentation has been updated now.

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There appears to be a problem with backward compatibility of the Notifications in build r12835 related to MIME64 encoding. Old notifications can produce the error "No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page".

We'll issue a correction ASAP.

We apologize for the inconvenience,

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