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Good morning,

For yesterday, my workflow doesn't work anymore.
The first lines I have are:

function BeforeCommitCont(editHandle, inserted) {
    throw new Error('Error');

And when I save a contact, nothing happens.
There is no error message on Efficy and Visual Studio (which is currently listening to w3wp.exe) does'nt work neither. I also did a Database.disabledWorkflow = false on a serverscript before posting here and nothing changes.

I did a new project with a clear workflow: same code above works fine.

Someone can help me, please ?

Thank you.

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1. Can you raise errors in a scheduled workflow or datasynchro on your laptop? This is an ideal unit test to isolate this issue.

2. What is changed on your machine since it stopped working? Did you install software like SQL Server?

3. What version of Efficy?

1) It works on scheduled scripts
2) I do nothing (no windows upgrade, installations… nothing)
3) Efficy 10 SP2+
Did you do a COM+ shutdown?

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It works.
I had reset a COM+ before.

Olivia checked the workflow and It was 2 BeforeCommitCont() on the workflow, I don't know how it was duplicated…
Sorry to disturb you and thank you, Kristof.

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I assume their is no structure at all in the organisation of the workflow code, this is the only explanation why duplicated functions can happen. Some people are as sloppy in their code as they are in their daily life...

You can use the blame command in SVN to find back the responsibles
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Did you set in the group everyone the K_workflow field?
Efficy needs to know for you current session what workflow script needs to loaded

If you did the change in Designer from another web-server then local, then you also need to refresh your local database connections in order to load the updated ACC_ACCOUNTS table configuration

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I did. K_WORKFLOW is good for Everyone and my current user.
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