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Hi all,

i need to get a pdf file from a soap call to an external webservices.

When i try to do it with soap ui, i get a response like that :

screenshot from soapui

When i click on the attachement, i can save it in .pdf, and i have a readable file.

But, i don't really know how i can do it in serverscript.

i get a raw response like that.

raw response

Somebody have an idea on how to get this stream corectly from the soap response and put it in a pdf file ?

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The response you get when you actually download the PDF seems also valid XML. You have to find a way to decode the content type, that seems to be application/octet-stream and maybe it's compressed as well. I see also content-encoding gzip.

I never did something like this before. Is there a possibility to give more details about the service so I can test it?

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Hi kristof,

it is a webservice from Abacus, but for test it you need vpn, credential for vpn, credential for abacus test DB, credential for efficy test db, make a login, get a token, etc etc.

i can give it to you if you want, but you need to know that budget is .... 'no comment'

i already have made a connector and use other service to push/get 'simple' data in xml.
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