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The final build (r12548) for Efficy 11 is now available on the Partner FTP.
The build comes with an updated “Build Notes.docx” document and a small “Build History.txt” note that tracks the changes of the Efficy 11 public release builds.
Please make sure to install and use this latest build – it definitively replaces the previous builds (r12280 and r12385).

The build improves or corrects a number of issues that were present in the previous builds, including the following:

  • User entity picker: correct potential double in recent list (CFT-2018-86678).
  • User entity picker now includes a direct search for a user.
  • Correct encoding of grid filter in some URLs (CFT-2018-86739).
  • Flexmail connector improvements.
  • Designer: correct editing Resources.
  • Data Synchro: new events "EfficyStartJob" and "EfficyEndJob".
  • Data Synchro: script editor auto-complete window no longer activates the main window.
  • Extranet file download: use "/public" instead of "/crm" when filebase is extranet (CFT-2018-86720).
  • File Loader: ensure that a local filename can never contain illegal characters.
  • Close edit window: add missing initialization of IsIntentionalReload when loading the edit page.
  • ServerJS modular import: add standard module "ecma" with ES5.1 polyfills and the module "extend", with samples.

In parallel the release Efficy 11 Mobile App has finally arrived in the two stores:

Also the Help web site will be available soon on the help.efficy.com address; the technical issues with including the older manuals have now been solved.

We hope you'll enjoy the new build!


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