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For some reason the URL rewriting module iisurlrewrite2.0rtwx64.msi could not be installed on my Windows 10. Installation aborted because my IIS is apparently not being a higher version than 7.0. This is kind of weird because the version is 10.0.

This lead to the error IIS HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error: 0x8007000d when I used the web.config file with the rewrite rules.

I installed the following url-rewrite extension from Microsoft

This made my IIS site work again.

If someone knows why the first method didn't work or also has the same issue, please share your experiences below!

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Hello Kristof, no idea really what's up with that ... As long as IIS has its URL rewrite module installed and working, it's okay. We are only using quite basic rewriting rules, so older versions work too.

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I got the same problem. seems that the iisurlrewrite provided in Efficy 11 install is just not compatible with IIS 10

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I have also a problem with this file. It report an error. It into an 2012 server R2.

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You can also change the registry key MajorValue to 7


you will be able to install 'iisurlrewrite2.0rtwx64'

(after that don't forget to reset the value)

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