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A new Efficy 11 build (r12385) is available on the partner FTP site.
It improves or corrects a number of issues that were present in the original release build (r12280), including the following:

  • ServerJS improvements mainly related to using modules.
  • Flexmail connector improvements.
  • Fix issue in export files from project when attachments have dots in names.
  • Avoid sending meeting acceptance e-mail to meeting organizer when notification feed is active.
  • Using a recent user selection in an edit window will add the user list to the current selection instead of replacing it.
  • External document sharing: attachments are shown in same order as in Efficy.
  • Mail Uploader: avoid uploading mails for inactive users.
  • Correct ConvertToEntity function to use whitelisted action.
  • Closing a window with the "X" button will close edit context.
  • Correct spurious change of Contact search settings.
  • Updated Build Notes.

We plan to issue one more corrective build in the coming weeks to finalize the Efficy 11 release.


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OMG, finally "Closing a window with the "X" button will close edit context"
I know some customers that will like this.

Ps. I had to translate the word "spurious" :-)

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I actually forgot to reinit "window.IsIntentionalReload = false;" in startCloseContextObservable() (lib/js/std/base/windowManager.js).

Without it, IsIntentionalReload may be true, for instance if we use LocationSet when opening the edit window (like in windowManager.open())... And if so, the auto close context is disabled.

=> Fixed in next build.
Corrective builds are planned according to Robert's post, so we don't worry :-)
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