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I've made an upgrade to Efficy11 (well done Efficy Team about this because this version is really enjoyable btw).

Anyway I've encountered an issue where Editing an Appo is not working : Big orange Error : Unknown entity for relation grid: "Acti". weirdly it worked fine with tasks.

After further research I ve found that in this version it's now possible to link task to an appointement and not to a task.

so this was found in MacroEdit.txt : line 1604

"data": [
                    <%GetRelationGrid(entity="Acti", key="K_ACTION2", noheader="true",
                        templatetext=|<#repeat>{"key": <#F=K_ACTION2;context=JS>, "SUBJECT": "<#F=SUBJECT;nospace=T;context=JS>", "D_BEGIN": "<#F=D_BEGIN;nospace=T;context=JS>", "D_DUE": "<#F=D_DUE;nospace=T;context=JS>", "USERS": "1;2", "MEMO": "<#F=MEMO;puretext=T;context=JS>", "MAIN": "<#F=MAIN;context=JS>", "DONE": "<#F=DONE;nospace=T;context=JS>" },</#repeat>|)%>

point is that if a link exist between acti and acti the sysentityviews must have changed as well so i ve checked and this is what I had to add in my sysentityviews named : "ActiEdit"

the tableviews has to contain :


because my entityviews was custom this has not been override by the dbUpgrade.

it works fine cheers all.

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Exactly, this will happen with many upgrades because once you added an extra entity, this SYS_ENTITYVIEWS record AditEdit will be marked as custom.

Doing an upgrade requires some effort, especially the 11 version.
I will change the title of your post, to include the error message

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just to reassure people it tooked 1 full day of work to upgrade a full kick ass customized Efficy SP2+ and it seems to work fine.

the only remaining problem I have is to make my custom Highcharts calls work again. it seems that this has change a little
Have you read the full build notes and did the upgrade accordingly?
I ve read everything, but I havn't converted everything yet (like the encode every single client side function result) still in progress but my first priority was to make the application working the same way it did
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