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Has anyone already made a custom to open for example the search window for products from a Opportunity with a specific custom view selected (always)?

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Hello Stijn.

Use the same technique as desribed in this post. Init the ACC_OPTIONS property at logon using database workfow.


I used it in larger projects with success. During a session, the setting can be changed, but as soon as the user logs on again, it resets to what you have defined in the database workflow


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Specific per entity / button?
In general this is possible, but I need more specific customs

like :

From Company edit > link product > custom view X activated in Search product window

From Oppo edit > behind custom button A > custom view Y activated in Search product window

From Oppo edit > behind custom button B > custom view Z activated in Search product window
Provide the &queryview=123 as an argument to the URL of the search request.
That should work, not?
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I added a default queryview feature in Efficy by adding some workflow script

point is that you just have to create a queryview everywhere you want with the name containing (*) example : "Details (*)"

those views will automatically become default after every logon.
WARNING : I havn't managed to check if user are linked to the queryview or the multiple queryviews with (*) so override my code or just give security to every users.

in the workflow add this :

function AfterLogon(){


function initUserOptions(){

        qh = 0,
        tc = Database.OpenTemporaryContext(),
        sql = "";

    sql += "select ";
    sql += "    V.K_QUERYVIEW, ";
    sql += "    (select E.NAME from admin.SYS_ENTITIES E where E.K_ENTITY = V.K_MASTER) as MASTER_NAME, ";
    sql += "    (select E.NAME from admin.SYS_ENTITIES E where E.K_ENTITY = V.K_DETAIL) as DETAIL_NAME, ";
    sql += "    (case V.K_DETAIL when -1 then 'Search' else 'Consult' end) as CONTEXT "; 
    sql += "from admin.QUERYVIEWS V ";
    sql += "where V.NAME like '%(*)%' ";

    var ds = Database.ExecuteSystemSQLQuery(qh, tc, sql, "", true, false, 1);

    while (!ds.EoF){
            context = ds.FieldByName("CONTEXT").AsString,
            master = ds.FieldByName("MASTER_NAME").AsString,
            detail = ds.FieldByName("DETAIL_NAME").AsString,
            key = ds.FieldByName("K_QUERYVIEW").AsString;

        var section = context + master + "_";
        section += (context == "Consult")? detail + "_": "";
        section += "QueryView";

        Database.WriteString("Efficy", section, key);

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