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Hi all,

I have an issue on MSSQL Server, with SQL-Views created by the customer. When adding new fields and run the "apply structure" to rebuild the DB, these Views were deleted.

To overcome this issue, we used another SQL schema to create the views.

Now my question, do we have another option (maybe a more Efficy appropriate) to avoid this deletion of Views?

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Hello Stephan.

Prefix the name of your custom database object with CUSTOM_ if you want to add them to the Efficy schema.

This works for views, triggers, packages, procedures, functions etc...
It's the same rule for an Oracle database.

On EDN it's documented in the Database_Structure document.

Warning: when adding indexes, views, functions or stored procedures in
the same scheme as the standard Efficy objects, make sure to prefix
them with “CUSTOM_”. When you don’t, those objects will be removed at
the next database upgrade!

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