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I'm trying to run a report which takes some time to e executed, some time i got the result and some times i don't (depends on some parameter specified before launching). the error i get is "time out".

So how can i extend the execution timeout on Efficy server please?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Best Regards.

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Hi Ammar.

Could it be that it expires after 90 seconds?

This value can also be configured in your web.config file in the httpRuntime configuration element:

<!-- Increase script timeout to five minutes -->
<httpRuntime executionTimeout="300" 
  ... other configuration attributes ...

I found the musterd here:

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Hi Kristof,
Indeed it's, i added the following on under configuration tag, restart IIS and it works perfectly
        <httpRuntime executionTimeout="300"/>

thank you for your help.
Best Regards
Hi again,

Even no IIS restart is needed :), jsut adapt the file and save.
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