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Hi all!

I had to create a new entity (THEMATICS) and i need to use its values to fill a multivalue.
This multivalue is a field of Documents that allows users to choose some thematics.
To fill it i need a custom field and i found this post :

so i implemented my field like this :

field.THEMATICS {[
    data-ajax-url='dialog?_macro=MultiValue_DOCU_Thematics&_macrofile=MacroAjax&Key=<%RunScript(getMainDetail, detail=Them)%>',
    data-json='{<%GetField("$FIELD$", type="MULTIVALUE", json=T)%>}')


MultiValue_DOCU_Thematics {[
<%RunQuery(id='getThematicEntries', store=10001, SQL='select Them.K_THEMATIC, Them.NAME from THEMATICS Them order by NAME desc')%>
<%GetDataGrid(query='getThematicEntries', count=-1, norecords='', nolinefeed=T,

The multivalue field is "works" : when i want to look a Document that have thematics this error is thrown :

ID: ENTT-1515

Message: LookupTableManager
Cannot fetch Lookup Table Values on table "DOCUMENTS.F_THEMATICS"


Details: Application Server Error
(ENTT-1513) LookupTableManager
Cannot fetch Lookup Table Values on table "DOCUMENTS.FTHEMATICS"
(ENTT-1515) LookupTableManager
FieldName "0" not found in SYS

Secondly, why a button "Download" is display below ?
All tab (green buttons on the screens) display the same thing. I think it's the buttons of the next tab.. This error only appears when i define the field definition (THEMATICS instead of MULTIVALUE in Edit Document on Conficy)

Thanks a lot !

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Dear m.chalavon,

I think the issue is that your field is not pointing to your new entity but it is pointing to a lookup table. it is not a good idea to have a field pointing to an entity. the best would be to use the Detail links instead (le radio button at the right side of the Edit Window)

Best Regards,
Stéphane RONCIN

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