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Is it possible to merge multiple word documents already exists in Efficy to a new one? a client has multiple visit reports from multiple sales reps and he would like to merge them to one for management.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Best Regards.

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having a button in efficy that will merge several .docx documents is definitly not easy at all.
I would recommand you to adopt a different behaviour :

Script a function that will add all your documents as differents attachement of an unique Efficy Document.

Then from here your client can use Efficy Drive to have all the attachements in a single folder.
then if needed he can merge the files directly from the native word function :


is that unacceptable?

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Merging multiple word documents into one is odd, what about headers/footers and introductions? Seems like a bizar business request...

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Thank you Louis and Kristof, I will offer the solutoin with Efficy drive, it may work for them.

Another alternative for client is quesry with all document, but is it possible to show attachments in query grid?

I post question for this https://overflow.efficy.com/?qa=2799/show-attachments-of-document-on-query-result-page

Best Regards.

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since it's simple from a getDataGrid by using an existing definition like : MYVIRTUALFIELD{FILE} in your column parameter I would recommand you to make a simple HTML report then in your custom/pages/reports/yourReport.htm file you can declare your GetDataGridMacro as you wish.

Alexis gave me this trick once when I was wondering how to use the same features of Detail Lists in The Query module.
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