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I'm in an extranet custom and i have a page who display a list of documents (like news) and files (like pdf).
Actualy, if the user connected to the extranet is linked to the efficy document, he can downlaod files in it. If he is not linked, he have an efficy error.
I know it's normal.

But, my problem is that these kind of documents/files must be visible and downloadable for all extranet users, so, is there an other way than linking all extranet users in the document ?
(i have many extranet users, if i link it all it's working good, but not so user friendly and readable in docu edit window for user who configure that)


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Hi Vincent,

I think if you make a sql query(without any security clause) to retrieve all the needed documents, it should appear on the extranet

That's the same for our extranet displaying all the future trainings (the contact logged in is not linked to all the publications in our Efficy)


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When we talk about the session based extranet, there is no such thing as users.

The logon is done with one dedicated full user account and the credentials & licensed amount of contacts that can logon are checked on the contacts table.

I assume you mean if the contact is not linked to the document, instead of the user?

Could you provide more info regarding the download request?

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Hi Kristof,

Yes, i mean contact (not user), sorry for that.
The filebase is efficy (==> it's like that because it was made in efficy 2012 with efficy 2014 design between transition of 2012-2014)
But all work like an extranet with extcode and extpassword login.

The download request is simply a downloadfile function who make an open of a download url like ""

The error when contact is not linked is the standard efficy error when no access on a record.
"Message: Error while opening the Edit Context, please check the document key and that you have access to it."


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It's a security & functionality limitation of the contact license, you can only access what is directly linked to your contact. What about making an ajax call to the server upon request of the document that executes a serverscript that inserts the contact as a detail to the document. Upon response, execute the download request.

This also allows you to track down who requested the download of this document.
Yeah, i think this is the best idea, because track down who requested the document is also a requirement of the customer.
So, i will do that.

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