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Hi Team,

I'm building an Extranet for a customer and I have to fill in some fields on a document when clicking a link. Until here, it works fine. After this I simply have to merge a template and store the key of this new attachment. This is done in the same edit context as before.

var editDocu    = Database.OpenEditContext(ntDocu, K_DOCUMENT);
var dataDocu    = Database.GetMasterDataSet(editDocu, 0);

/** Here some fields are being filled in, this works. **/

var K_NEW_ATTCHM  = Database.MergeTemplate(editDocu, 7, null);
    Where 7 is the key of the template. The GUEST user 
    has full-control security on the template

When this code gets executed I get the following error:

Cannot open Template! Can't show that item. It may have been deleted or you may not have the proper access rights to view this information.

The template (Key: 7) is an empty html template. The GUEST user has full-control security on the linked elements of the document.

Is there anything else that has to be done in order to make this work?

Thanks in advance :-)


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I have the exact same error, did you manage to find the solution ?

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Be sure the guest user has at least Show Table Rights on the Templates entity and also provide at least Read permissions on the template record.

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Thanks Kristof.

But this is something I've already checked. I even gave (temporarily) full-access to the GUEST user to find the problem but even then I get the same issue.
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What do you mean with "Where 7 is the key of the attachment".
It should be the key of the template record, not of the file.

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Yes indeed I mean the template, I corrected that. Thanks
Does it work now?
No I meant the key of the template not the file, sorry for that.
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