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Dear All,

I am trying to add the MEMO field in the search field list in the Search Window, I checked the checkbox "Searchable" in Conficy

Conficy Memo Search Checkbox

This allow me to select the MEMO field in the search screen, but when I search in it, it seems that it doesn't search on the MEMO field because as result I get the list of all companies in the Database !

Search Result MEMO field

The only way I found is by using the "Complete Search"

Result Complete Search

Is there another way of doing this ?

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What is the issue with using "Complete search"?

It's designed mainly to execute extraordinary deep searches using a full table scan on all available fields, including memo's. Needless to say, on a huge table it might take a considerable amount of time.

What kind of information do you store in these memo's? Maybe you can convert or duplicate the information to a normal input field and mark this one as search field...
The users store information about Meetings they have with there Customers related mostly on products but it can be anything.
The customer want to be able to search on MEMO fields because they know that the information is in this particular field.

If we use the Complete search we may retrieve information from other fields which doesn't fit the customer need

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  1. Create a new category XXXX$SEARCH with field F_MEMO_PREVIEW with the maximum allowed field length of a "text" datatype.
  2. Make this field as search field.
  3. Write a workflow that copies content of MEMO on commit to F_MEMO_PREVIEW and activate the category. Do this only when the memo is not empty.
  4. Initialize the category and the F_MEMO_PREVIEW column after creation with an SQL insert statement.

You will lose the possibility to search on the full memo, but you will search at least in the first few x000 chars, that should be sufficient in most situations.

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This is not really "Efficy" like way to do ... why isn't it possible to search on a MEMO field like all other fields?
The memo field is indeed excluded from the where clause of the search query. It could be considered a bug or an intended limitation. To overcome today this limitation, you can use my proposal.

Else, create a support ticket and wait for the feedback from R&D
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