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Hello Everyone,

For one of my projects, I have to export Efficy data into a csv file using the DataSynchroRemote tool and I noticed during my tests that some special characters are not propely incoded in my csv file:

"5ème SENS" is correctly incoded in Efficy Database

Data exported in csv file

I tried to encode those values using Js functions like encodeUri (for example) but without success.

Do someone have an idea on how I could do?



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Hi Prince, this seems very similar to the issue reported by Tim earlier here on overflow.
I suggest you create a case for support.

I don't have much experience with the export functionality of the DataSync tools, typically we use the native export tools of the database engine. They are way faster. Of course, for a remote server, it's complicated... That's why it needs to be addressed to support

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