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Hello Everyone:

I'm trying to update a value in Sys_Storage from a DatasynchroRemote using Database function "SetSysStorageValue" but I get the following error message:

Message: "Cet objet ne gère pas cette propriété ou cette méthode"

Translation: "This object doesn't support that property or method."

I know that some basic functions are not the same when using the DatasynchroRemote tool but we have no doc about this.

Do someone know how I could do this (update a Sys_Storage value) ?



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if you have access to ExecSQL, just make your update like that...
if you can't because remote don't give access to metadata function (which would make sense)

I guess you could workaround your issue by using a trick like using a workflow function triggered by your datasync remote:

example :

choose an entity you don't use or create one specific(name spec by example) (you won't have to set the interface so it's really easy : no macro needed).

create a record (in db by example) and keep your k_spec in mind. this record will be used as a container of your value to set.

then add in workflow :

function AfterCommitSpec(Edithandle, Inserted){
   // do your SetSysStorageValue by using a field from the Spec record 

from now just add in your datasync script the
OpenEditContext(, k_spec, ...)

and update the field that will contain your sys_storage value

then add a CommitChanges()
if your datasync is set to trigger workflow that will work.

I know it s seems a little weird but It should do the trick easily

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