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Hi all,

I don't want to believe it, but it looks as the Scheduled Workflow window is not able to display non latin characters :-/

Am I mistaken or is this a bug/feature?

I am dealing with japanese & chinese contacts ;-)

Thank you


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What about the log file, is that OK?
In english class our teacher gave us English names, can't you do the same with your Chinese contacts? jk
No not OK. If I use ScheduledWorkflow for "onetime" operations there are no log entries...
What do you call a Scheduled Workflow? is it the Task scheduler service?
if so you still can add a log function that will use the SaveBinaryFile function to log everything you need to monitor in whatever the encoding you need.
Right, Task Scheduler Service. Of course I can add logging to it by myself. But maybe you to add this to the bug list!? To me this is a bug and not a feature ...

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Hello Tim,

Can you try to change the Javascript File Encoding (with NotePad++ it is possible to do that) in order to choose a correct file encoding ... use the same encoding than the standard efficy_labels.txt ... which should be "UTF-8 BOM"

And try to execute the schedule script again ... does this help ?

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