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I try to force into the tab chart an other kind of widget. I have to display a grid like into overview.
So I basically tried to charging OvrwWidget rather than ChrtWidget.
I tried first by charging a standard Macro provide into the OvrwWidget. But no return.
Then i tried by returning "xxxx" displayed into the macro. Nothing.
After I seach how my content was charged. I shown the option Page to generate an iframe.
No more result.

So is there any way to change widget into chart tab or something reduce each DETAIL on one type of content. HIGHCHARTS for CHRT and MACRO for OVRW

Here one of my tests

<%Macro("OvrwBoxWidget", rights="Sale", $KEY$=3, $KIND$="Page", $SENTITY$="Sale", $TITLE$="Details by Articles (Month year vs Month previous year)",
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I add in the MacroConsultCustom.txt the following macro :

DetailSpecial..Chrt {[
    <div id="dash-board">
        <div class="Widgetbox" rel="1" <%OnMobile(else='style="width:39.7%; float:left"')%>>
            <%Macro("ChrtWidget", rights="Acti", $KEY$=2, $KIND$="Highcharts", $SENTITY$="Acti", $TITLE$="Sales Activity",

        <div class="Widgetbox" rel="2" <%OnMobile(else='style="width:59.7%; float:right"')%>>
            <%Macro("OvrwWidget", rights="Proj", $SENTITY$="Proj", $KEY$=4, $KIND$="Macro", $TITLE$="Recent Projs",
                $LINK$=|javascript:Consult('<%GetEntity()%>', <%GetKey()%>, 'Proj')|, $HINT$=|Show Projs|,

Note that I ve only used standard macro to be sure the widgets code is not involved in the result.

This is what I get :
enter image description here

which is what I think you try to have... (if not just tell me)

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It was something like that I try to do without success. I tried to use it like that but the widget was empty each time. One of my colleague found a way to use the standard grid, but without using the macrowidget.
this is weird because what I use is the standard..
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