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it seems that the objectives entity can only be linked to users, companies, and contacts.

does it exist a process to make the objectives table linked to another entity?

I don't have time to make some explorative research at the moment... so if it's too uncertain I will create a new custom Entity called Objective2^^ but that's not the spirit is it?

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The entity/detail dictionary table SYS_ENTITYVIEWS record with name=Objv contains the following table views Objv;Objv_User=User;Objv_Cont=Cont;Objv_Comp=Comp, this matches what you already detected.

You can extend this to other entities, but this will require some effort. Many other dictionary tables like SYS_FIELDS, SYS_TABLES, SYS_RELATIONS needs to be extended in order to create the missing relation tables.

So, yes it's possible, but if you're knowledge of creating entities is limited to using the Entity creation wizard, be careful!

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Thanks for you quick answer. I ll create a new entity because it seems too much pain and time just to have a basic link. Plus I kind of fear the new features coming with objv in the future to make my upgrades more difficult^^.

(not to forget that I am lazy af^^)

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