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Hi everyone,

I'm in a migration process and I'm trying to set some "navigation date" button.

Here is how it was done in Efficy2012:

<%NavigateDate(width="24", height="24", hspace="5",
 PREVWEEKIMAGE="i-previous", PREVWEEKTEXT="Previous Week",
 PREVIMAGE="img/previous24.gif", PREVTEXT="Previous Day",
 TODAYIMAGE="img/today24.gif", TODAYTEXT="Today",
 NEXTIMAGE="img/next24.gif", NEXTTEXT="Next Day"
 NEXTWEEKIMAGE="img/last24.gif", NEXTWEEKTEXT="Next Week",

I'm trying to reuse that macro but I can't find any explanation about it.
When I use it as it is, the navigation is generated but I do not get any image (arows left/right, ect.).

enter image description here

Do someone have an idea?



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The system macro <%NavigateDate()%> from Efficy 2012 is no longer used in Efficy 10 standard, and a such is becomes deprecated for usage in custom.

The Efficy 10 agenda uses a client side component for the date calendar. If you need to do something specific with a data selector, use these

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