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in most projects the customers needs some queryviews to be by "default".
so there is a solution I ve done to help them having control about it :

in the workflow add the code :

function AfterLogon(){

function initUserOptions(){
    //Database.Log("Ok then");

        qh = 0,
        tc = Database.OpenTemporaryContext(),
        sql = "";

    sql += "select ";
    sql += "    V.K_QUERYVIEW, ";
    sql += "    (select E.NAME from admin.SYS_ENTITIES E where E.K_ENTITY = V.K_MASTER) as MASTER_NAME, ";
    sql += "    (select E.NAME from admin.SYS_ENTITIES E where E.K_ENTITY = V.K_DETAIL) as DETAIL_NAME, ";
    sql += "    (case V.K_DETAIL when -1 then 'Search' else 'Consult' end) as CONTEXT "; 
    sql += "from admin.QUERYVIEWS V ";
    sql += "where V.NAME = 'default' ";

    var ds = Database.ExecuteSystemSQLQuery(qh, tc, sql, "", true, false, 1);

    while (!ds.EoF){
            context = ds.FieldByName("CONTEXT").AsString,
            master = ds.FieldByName("MASTER_NAME").AsString,
            detail = ds.FieldByName("DETAIL_NAME").AsString,
            key = ds.FieldByName("K_QUERYVIEW").AsString;

        var section = context + master + "_";
        section += (context == "Consult")? detail + "_": "";
        section += "QueryView";

        Database.WriteString("Efficy", section, key);


The only thing you have to do after that is create a queryview where you want (it works for consult and search context, feel free to make it evolve if you need)

your query view has to be named : "Default" and be careful that your queryview is linked to everyone.

Best regards,

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You should not prefix the schema name "admin" in SQL queries. Use the tag <#TABLE NAME=SYS_ENTITIES> instead.

If you're default queryview does not apply additional filtering, consider changing the default query instead of working with a queryview
is the tagname working in the execSystemSQLQuery parameter?

plus my solution here is to give control over the default query to the customer. I don't want him to bother me every time he wants to change the default query...

ty for your answer.
Yes. This works

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