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Dear all,

Before in Efficy 2012 when we add a panel in a relation table (from conficy) a little pencil displayed automatically in Efficy and when the user clicked on it, all the fields in the pannel was editable. (for instance in the Documents on the product lines)

For Efficy 2014, the products line are also available in Opportunities, but I could not find this features.

Do we still have such feature in Efficy 2014 ?

if so, how can I display it ?

Best Regards,
Stéphane RONCIN

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We have to added it manually, in GridEditColumnsCustoms.txt you should override the macro SORTDELETE as follow :

    td.SORTDELETE.Prod [<td>
<%DeleteRelationButton(entity="$ENTITY$", key="<#G>")%>
    <ul class="small-12 columns button-group">
        <li><button class="i-up icon narrow move-up" title="<%GetLabel('Move Up')%>" type="button" data-msg="cebPerform;CEB_STATE;SORT\;PROD\;<#G>\;1" ></button></li>
        <li><button class="i-down icon narrow move-down" title="<%GetLabel('Move Down')%>" type="button" data-msg="cebPerform;CEB_STATE;SORT\;PROD\;<#G>\;0'"></button></li>
        <li><button class="i-delete icon narrow" title="<%GetLabel('Delete Relation')%>" type="button" data-msg="delete2;<#G>;$ENTITY$"></button></li>
        then=`<li><button class="i-menu icon narrow" title="<%GetLabel('Edit Relation')%>" type="button" data-msg="cebPerform;CEB_EDIT_RELAT_;$ENTITY$<#G>" ></button>
            <%CreateEditButton(actioncode="CEB_EDIT_RELAT_$ENTITY$<#G>", action="javascript:EditLinkFromEdit(#EDITHANDLE, '#ENTITY', #KEY, '$ENTITY$', '<#G>', false)")%></li>`)%>
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