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I have a remote datasynchro that runs a couple times a day, it contains a lot of records that need updating. The issue is that I get a session timeout before it can finish.

Is there a way to avoid this? It has to be a remote datasynchro, there's no other way.


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Hi Stijn,

Maybe you can try to use another session by writing efficy.dll in uppercase in your datasynchro configuration?
It could be a problem if you are using your session in Efficy at the same time.



Michael de Groot

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This indeed solved my problem. Is it a good idea then to maybe create a datasynchro specific account so that there is never a double login problem between Efficy usage and datasynchro's running?
Of course, if you have a spare license to create a guest account or you can sell it, that's always better, because of the unlimited sessions.
Oh, so that's something that needs to be sold? Simply creating an account for the purpose of datasynchro's is not done then without it being purchased?
Im not into Sales, but an extra license for other running processes is always better, but if your don't have it and you don't have other connectors running, the solution i gave you should be working fine.
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The answer from Michael sure is relevant, if you overwrite your session cookie, then it has a direct effect on a DataSynchroRemote.

Another possibility is a badly configured IIS Application Pool. Check the recycle settings and make sure that it's not set to recycle each 1740 minutes, that's a default setting.

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