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Can i send parameters to a query that is used in the getfield-tag?

F.e. <%GetField('AMM', query='AM', param1=<#K>')

Where testquery is a defined in a Runquery-tag.:

<%RunQuery(id=|AM|, store=|2|, SQL=|select 'test' as aa, SUM(F_TIME_SPENT_HOUR) as AMH,SUM(F_TIME_SPENT_MIN) as AMM from <#TABLE name='R_ACTI_PROD'> R_ACTI_PROD where R_ACTI_PROD.K_Action=:param1| %>

OWhen this is possible i can put the runquery in the listconsult.appo and the getfield in the agendalayout.
Or is there another way to do this? (using the K_Action as a parameter for the runquery that is defined in another file?)

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