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I'm doing a conversion of a customer to Efficy 10SP2 and this customer uses a Master-Detail in a Category. I'm able to fill in the Master-field, but when I try to fill in the Detail-field I get the following error:
Error when clicking on the Detail-field

Is this a known issue?

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Jeroen Floor

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Also does the master - detail work in a form ( not - category fields ) ????
How can we realise this ?
Hi Stijn,

we always add the following to FormFieldsEditCustom.txt:
field.LOOKUPMASTER {[<%GetEdit("$FIELD$", type="LOOKUP", onchange="CebPerform('CEB_STATE');", data-placeholder="<%GetLabel('Select Value')%>...")%>]}

And then assing the definition LOOKUPMASTER to the master field.

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that doesn't work either
is the screen reloaded?
I don't think so
CEB_STATE should reload the screen. If this isn't happening there is something wrong. Could you check if you have errors when you do a client-side debugging?

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no errors in client side debugging.

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