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We are getting this error 'Subquery returned more than one value...' when clicking on apply in the designer or using dbupgrade.

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When we try to find a duplicate object in the database by querying the sys.objects table we don't find it.

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What could be the cause here?

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If it is a local database, you should enable the SQL Server Profiler and trace all generated SQL queries. Look in the trace if you can find the SQL query that was executed just before the error.

Check the roles of the user, make sure the user isn't Sysadmin. Too much rights is not OK for accessing the SQL Servers dictionaries

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We found the problem using the SQL Server Profiler.
Tnx for the tip
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Since you are doing a update database, you can also check the SQL that has been generated in the Program file(x86) folder of Efficy : C:\Program Files (x86)\Efficy\scripts

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These logs only contain the queries on the Efficy schema.
Here we had a problem on the syscolumns table/view.
still, tnx for the tip
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