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In conficy I added a new entity with some fields and I created 2 forms, one to consult and one to edit the entity. I logged off and on in conficy and in efficy.
I set the access rights to the table for everyone to read, update, delete, add.

I hoped this would do, but it doesn't... Can someone tell me how I can access this entity and forms in efficy?


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When you create an entity a "custom" folder is created (except in Efficy 2014).
So you will have to applied those customs to your custom.

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Thank you for the answer.
We have efficy Build 8.0.6640.0 how can I find the custom folder?
Has I said this efficy 2014R6640 doesn't have this functionnality.
So you will have to check the standard macros and find/create the macros for your new entities. It is not an easy tasks, so may be the best is to contact support, I know they have a document explaining those steps.
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