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Shouldn't the following :

Database.CopyDetails(NewActiContext, TemplateActionContext, [ntComp, ntCont, ntUser], false, false);

Link all the linked users of the source action to the new action ????
I only get one user that is copied... which is weird.

Anyone who has had this same issue ?

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I did test in standard with the convert to project feature from opportunity :

Database.CopyDetails(ProjContext, OppoContext, [ntUser, ntComp, ntCont], false, false);  // copy relations

it s working fine. is it possible that the moment your code is ran the link with the other users you try to duplicate is not commited yet?

like if you used a before commit instead of after, or something similar?

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No, because it is regarding an existing action.
I have this in Efficy 10 in a serverscript.
It should be workin, but it only takes one user
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