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The merged MEMO from an ACTION is not well formatted when it used into an HTML TEMPLATE.
Into a word template type=memo work perfectly but into an HTML it's not same.
I tried some keyword like RAW or HTML or RAW HTML without success.
All breaks lines or paragraphs are not interpreted.

Is there any way to do it very simple ?
Or should I again create a Runscript Function to pre-format the '/n' into '< br />' ?
No exemples found into EDN

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Hey Laurent,

This should works :

In your template :

[$RunScript(name="CustomMemoInContext", file="CustomTemplate")]

In SYS_STORAGE (name : CustomTemplate) :

function CustomMemoInContext(ContextHandle){
    var DsEntity = Database.GetMasterDataSet(ContextHandle,0); 
    var MEMO = DsEntity.FieldByName('MEMO').AsString; 
    return MEMO; 

It works on Efficy 2012 and should still works :)

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Ca se comporte de la meme manière que le classique type=memo
pas de saut de ligne meme sur une 2012
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