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Have you an idea how to display a set of fields from a category(radio button,textarea) into main tab in a edit of entity to avoid to go through the category to do change.

Exemple: in edit of appointment, I've category ACT$AEC( with 4 panels). I want to move that into first tab (with field DSTART,DEND,...)

I've try to add virtual field with custom definition in form of appointment but it's not responsive design.


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The main interest of the categories is that you can secure then depending on users groups. So if you don't need to secure fields maybe you may put your fields into the main table to use the standard field design and get the advantage of the responsive field. (you must use dbeditor to move fields into BDD + data backup)

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can you please post a screen of what you got as a result?
I don't understand well what you want and what you got.

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enter image description here

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what part is not responsive after you add it into the main tab with a custom virtual field definition?
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