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Considering the Efficy Office integration wizard :

Efficy Office Intetgration capture

How does this wizard selects the different sets of fields for each entity in the left column of the wizard ?

Sub-sets of fields for each entity by default

Can anyone explains how these fields are selected? Can we customize anything about that?

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Cédric Edouard

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My case was fixed. The solution is in this post

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Cédric, as I explained in a previous post, you can consult the SOAP that Efficy Sidebar and Add-ins send to the server.

Opening these files on the client:

  • %localappdata%\temp\soap_request.xml
  • %localappdata%\temp\soap_response.xml

In this case, the Field selection dialog executes the gettemplatefields operation.

<efficy:api><data operation="gettemplatefields"/></efficy:api>

In returns a huge list of pipe separated fields, too large to include in this reply.

The content will be dynamically populated based on the meta data in SYS_FIELDS and SYS_TABLES. I do not believe there is anything you can modify. If you do not have your field available (for instance a virtual or calculated field), a template script could be your solution.


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