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Hi all,

in the query result efficy returns only 500 records per default. So if I use a query with 600 results the last 100 contacts are not shown in the list.

Overriding this default settings by adding the attribute MaxGridRows=800 to the GetQueryResultGrid in QueryResult.htm didn't work with 2012, though this works well for 2014.

<%GetQueryResultGrid(templategen="GridQueryResult.htm", MaxGridRows=800)%>

How can this be solved with 2012?


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Hi it does work for me in 2012 summer :

<%GetDataGrid(query="prospectsChaudsFroids", columndefs="GridColumns.txt", entity="comp", noheader=false,count=-1, maxgridrows='9999' ...

try with lowercase and quotes around the value... just to try.

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there is a registry value to change on the server :


add or change the value of "MaxGridRows" to the value you want...

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enter image description here

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this worked well - thank you!
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