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I was told that we can filter a list of contact (within a plublication) by using personalized view.
The advantage of doing this if that you can filter with more than 1 criteria without having to use "AND" and "OR" connector in the classical filter, which is not so user friendly...

But... when I filter the list like this and I want to send a mail (through flexmail), if my test contact (myself) doesn't match the criteria of the personalized view, he doesn't received the test mail...

Do you have any tips for me please?


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I checked the code and I confirm your observation. The script expects that the test contact [argument = "SelectedContact"] is also present in the dataset.

The servescript function fillMailingList ..\efficy\serverscripts\ExternalMailing.js loops through each record of the dataset and only selects the record where the contactkey matches the key of the testcontact.

There are two things you could do:

  1. Adapt your queryview with an additional OR condition that your test contact is always included.
  2. More complex is to update the serverscript, but that is only advisable for experienced Efficy developers.

I hope you can continue with selection 1


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Good idea to simply adapt the filter to also include my test contact!

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