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Dear All,

I see in Conficy ACC_ACCOUNTS that there is an Hidden field "REGION" linked to a lookup "LK_USER_REGION".

I would like to know:
1- What is this feature and in which case we can use it ?
2- How to activate it ?

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Thank you to Frédéric Large,

Here is the Information I got from him :

The table LK_USER_REGION is an historic table that were used to manage the Sales Region for 1 company (Sales sectors : NORTH, SOUTH, etc...) where a Sales guy (Efficy User) is attached to this Region, that is why we have a standard field REGION in the ACC_ACCOUNTS table.

All of this is used to facilate to do Sales Reporting.

This mechanism is used on some Efficy France Customer where "France" (the country) is divided is 4 big regions, all of them divided in 12 sectors which are attached to 1 sales guy.

In order to use this functionnality, we only need to modifiy the User page in Condify in order to make it "typeable".

So this is a Conficy Custom, the page is called "UserEditForm.htm"

And you just have to add the code to edit the field in the right place in the file:


<%GetEdit("REGION", type=lookup)%>
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