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Hi All,

The situation that my customer (Avoord Zorg en Wonen) needs:
- There is a synchro with another system for contacts
- When a contact is synced from this system, it is not deletable in Efficy anymore
- Other contacts in Efficy (manually added) are on full control

When merging a duplicate, the one from the other system will stay and the manually entered one will be deleted.
But the merge function checks if there is full control on BOTH, even though one will never be deleted.

Is a custom possible in the merge function so that only full control is needed for the record that will get deleted and read/write/secure on the one that will stay?
(because this way we can sync the contacts from the other system with read/write/secure rights to make sure these do not get deleted by the users that have merge rights)
Or is there another solution for this?

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Maybe you can make the sync with a customer who hve a role that apply the read/wright/secure security for everyone.

In this case the contact imported with the sync will have the R/W/S.

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Yes that was the idea, but if we do that... the contacts cannot be merged anymore because merge needs full access on both records
Right, i have forgot that .... full access is needed because in standard, merge can touch to both record
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So, your problem is that some users must have full access on contact for the merge, but you wan't to avoid the accidental delete of a contact.

I don't know what is really the best way, but, here is an other idea.

hide the deletebutton for contact (with marco @MyGroup), or with jQuery function

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hmmm that is an idea indeed. Thanks for taking the time to think about this with me.
A bit tricky because there are multiple "delete buttons" and I am also looking for a way that on merge, the right record will stay (but maybe it does not matter, since all fields and data are merged anyhow).
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