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for Troostwijk, they want to be able to split one timesheet booking in two separate parts, one that will be invoiced and one that will not be invoiced.
Ex: out of one booking of 8 hours on a specific project/product, they want to invoice only 6 hours, while the remaining 2 will not be invoiced.
They don't want to force the user to make two separate bookings.

Before invoicing the hours, they have an intermediate step where they have to approve the booking.
In that screen, could we add something that would allow the split of the hours?
How would we register that split in the system? two fields in the timesheet table FInvoiceable and Fnotinvoiceable? and by default, the f_invoiceable would be the duration of the booking?

Have we already done something like that for another customer?



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Hello Bruno,

There is something like that for Perpetos.

Have a look at the Dev Environment.

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