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When running DatasynchroRemote trough a batch file. At the end their is a datasynhroRemote popup screen mentioning an error. Looking at the source, their is a message" Acces violation at address 00563568 in module DatasynchroRemote.exe. Read of address 0C5B77E0."

The straings this is that:
Error occures at 3 different pc at customer side but also on laptop of consultant.
Error only occures in one specific data synchro. (customer has 2 different synchros running)
Import of data is proces correctly. All data is imported and handled well.

Does anybody know this error and knows a way to resolve this.

I double checked the code for missing semicons and database closure.

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Could you check and confirm these conditions are true?

  1. Each of the three DataSynchroRemote.exe has exactly the same version and filesize?
  2. Version of %systemroot%\SysWOW64\midas.dll is present, and is the same on all machines?


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Hi Kristof,

The DataSynchroRemote.exe is exactly the same version and filesize on each PC.
The Midas.dll although is not in the sysWOW64 directory. When running the copied DatasynchroRemote.exe for the first time the error was midas.dll is missing. I than added a midas.dll to the same directoy as where DatasynchroREmote is running. This works... except the error at the and.

For this matter, is there a best practis for installing DataSynchroRemote? Should I us the efficy installer and only install the utilities?

Looking forward to you answer.

regards Mark
Manual installation by copy and paste is good enough, it should work.
If you remove the midas.dll that is side by side with the failing exe, doe you also get the missing midas.dll error? If not, he might use an other non compatible version.
Removing the midas.dll that is side by side the failing exe, does give the missing midas.dll error.

Both the DataSynchroRemote.exe and the midas.dll are the same version and the same size.

To illustrate the setup:
In both cases the actual import is started with a Start_Verwerken.cmd located in the datasynchroremote directory.
The strainge thing is:
The handmatigeimport is running without error.
The weborderimport is running with error at the end.
Are you using the latest patched version of the DataSynchroRemote belonging to the clients version of Efficy? What is the version of Efficy.dll and what is the version of DataSynchroRemote.exe?
Customer is running Build 6640.
Efficy (omtrent efficy) Build 8.0.6640.0 215-10-14 10.27)
DatasynchroRemote.exe is B 8.0.6640.0 with date 14-okt-2015
Midas.dll is 16.0.4429.46931 with date 11-july-2012

as far as I can determine this is the latest version of the files.
Ok, then I'm out of ideas...
Restart the machine maybe?
Ok, thx for the effort.
By the way, could it be something within the code? I already checked for the correct closure of database contexts, missing semicons.
We had issues with the normal DataSynchro.exe at Belfius on some servers, and that could always be solved by restarting the machine. R&D has fixed some things inside the DataSynchro.exe, so you might give it a try to use the latest version of the DataSynchroRemote of Efficy 2014.
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