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For a customer we need to create a REST webservice
The parameter will be a product key and the result a json object

It should be something like this :

Exemple :
Request URL: efficy.xxxx.be/xxxxxx/[k_product]

Response: (text/json Format)
'id': 14444,
'title': "...",
'text': "...",
'image': 'http://....jpg',
'logos': [

What's the best solution?

Is it possible to do this with a guest page which will return the json (I think it will not be a real rest service...)
Or should we create a real REST webservice (.Net with the proxy dll)? Is someone has already done this?
Or is there another solution?

Thx for your advices


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You can get pretty close (but not as far as you want to go) with serverscript if you follow these steps:

  1. Request to efficy.dll/logon to create session and cookie
  2. Request to efficy.dll/dialog custom macro & serverscript that reads the arguments and returns JSON
  3. Request to efficy.dll/logoff to close the session

But it will never be a real REST service because

  1. Efficy does not support the standard http verbs (CRUD)
  2. Efficy does not return specific response codes to indentify the status

I would also love to have some extra API additions to support REST more closely, but still keeping the session creation as required. I agree that the guest approach is an insecure idea.

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Hello Henry,

Using a guest page is not a good idea because there are no authentication method. So anyone can use it.

In that case, I think that the best solution is using the R&D team.


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Hi Henry,

we are running an extensive REST service based on SYMFONY & PHP5 -> Efficy 2012.

Is this something you are interessed in?
we happy to share some knowledge ;-)

Kind regards, Tim

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