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Even after setting TimesheetImportRoundMinutes to 0 in sys_storage, imported actions have a rounded duration.

Not only in the timesheet interface as mentionned in the documentation but in the timesheet table itself.

My customer has a strong constraint on work duration of 7h38m per day.
The duration can't be rounded!

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Hi Pierre,

why don't you set the TimesheetImportRoundMinutes to 1 in SYS_STORAGE?
As the minimum minutes that you would like to import should be 1 minute. So setting it to 0 isn't usefull when you would like to round it to the minute precise. So setting it to 1 should be more logically.

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you can check whether in TimeImport.js the result of the following part is correct :

// Round duration to nearest unit;  add + 1 to avoid rounding errors
    ImportSeconds = Math.round((ImportSeconds + 1)  
SETTINGS.RoundSeconds) * SETTINGS.RoundSeconds;

Maybe Efficy isn't retrieving the settings correctly from the Sysstorage, but when you check the result /values in that line of code you can tell if the results of the rounding are corect

also you can check if the LoadSettings functions retrieves correclty the 0 value.

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