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when you do an import using DataSynchro(Remote) it's possible to set an Application ID, but where is this Application ID stored?

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Jeroen Floor

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In the SYNCHRO table.

But only if you have used the API function below

DataStore.SaveExternalRelation(EntityName, Key)

And if the DataSynchro option below is checked

  • Store the relation between the imported record and the Efficy record in the database (using a unique Application ID)
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Hi Kristof,

I've done an import of Contacts/Companies for a Customer. But when I look at the SYNCHRO table, then there are no records for Contacts/Companies. Can you explain this?

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Hi Kristof,

that API function is used but it's still I can't find the records in the SYNCHRO table.
A Second try
Also that is option is checked.
Then I give up, actually, I never use that. I don't like storing external keys outside the entity (in SYNCHRO table). Either I store them in the main table, or I create a category for legacy information like COMP$LEGACY and make fields for old information the client does not want to go lost, but doens't fit right away in the new fields
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