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Efficy Addin disappears in outlook

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To get your Efficy addins back in Outlook, please go to File.


Go to options.


Then go to the Add-Ins tab.


You can see Efficy Outlook Add-In in the Inactive Application Add-ins list.

select Manage "Com Add-ins" and click on "Go..."


check "Efficy Outlook Add-in" and click "OK".


Congratulations! Your addins are back!

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Thanks a lot : I used your answer to solve my problem
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I recently experienced issues with Outlook 2010 not showing the Efficy add-in. It took me quite some effort to figure out what was happening until I noticed Outlook always started in "Safe modus".

Seems to be a known issue:

After applying December update KB3114409 for Outlook 2010, Outlook
2010 may only start in Safe Mode. Microsoft is aware of this issue and
has pulled the update as a result.


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exactly! but this update problem is only related to Outlook 2010 version.
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