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I would like to create a word template containing table with the timesheet records, this template will be lunched from Company consult context (we already made the link between Comp and Time in consult context). But apparently, "GetRtfTable('Time')" is not working. Mybe 'Time' is not considered by this function. We found a work around using "Runscript" in template. But my question is there any way to be able do it in the standard way "GetTable" or "GetRtfTable"? this standard entity and standard function, why it's not working? am i missing something?

Please let me know your suggestions and advises.

Thank you.
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The different GetTable tags for templates works only for the linked edit details of the current edit context. The edit context is typically a document or an action (others are possible too)

If I assume that your edit context is Documents, did you configure the Timesheet as a detail for Docu? Did you copy the timesheet lines to the document? If not, it will not work.

That is also one of the reasons why generating a template for an opportunity starts by copying the products relations from the opportunity to a document.

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Hello Kristof,

Thank you for the clarification, i got the point. So i think i need to start from creating table "Docu_Time" and its fields since such table doesn't exist, right? then do the sys_relentities, sys_entityviews, sys_tableviews. so my main consideration is, we do need to create such table and its associated fields, right?

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I would not go that far. I solved the same question in the past by converting timesheet lines to linked products using serverscript. Then you can use the products table tag.

Additionally, you can generate a document containing services (from timesheet) and actual products (like sold licenses for Efficy)
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